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How to check Fire Extinguisher easier and more efficient with KlikServvo !

On the occasion of its 20th Anniversary Servvo Presented KLIK SERVVO Application with various features that will make it easier for you to identify your Servvo Fire Extinguisher

Klik Servvo was created to assist Servvo users in determining when Fire Extinguisher is produced, when APAR expires, and the warranty duration by scanning the barcode. You may also find out about various products, distributor locations, and be connected directly by Servvo customer service by downloading Klik Servvo.

How to check your fire extinguisher using KlikServvo

Aplikasi Klik Servvo
Klik Servvo

1. Download or Install Klik Servvo on PlayStore

aplikasi cara cek apar Servvo melalui KlikServvo

Aplikasi Pengecekan APAR
Klik Servvo

2. Select the features you want to use, such as check product, scan barcode to find out detailed information & check the authenticity of your Servvo fire extinguisher

Don't forget to buy APAR Servvo and download the App now!

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