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Demo and Education : How to Use Fire Extinguishers in Residential Environments

Simulasi memadamkan Api menggunakan APAR Servvo
Servvo Event Simulation using Servvo Fire Extinguisher

Fires can occur anywhere and anytime and can even claim lives and lose property. Awareness of the importance of fire prevention and early countermeasures against fire hazards and the readiness of adequate fire extinguishers, especially in housing is still lacking. Most fires occur in residential areas. This is the basis for Servvo Fire Indonesia to carry out demonstrations on the use of Fire Extinguishers and Education on the Importance of APAR in Housing.

The importance of education and simulation for Fire Extinguisher

This activity has been carried out for the past year during 2021 in the BSD South Tangerang housing area, involving housewives, local residents and local security officers, with the aim of this event being that everyone must always be vigilant and ready to respond when a fire occurs and already know how to use a good and correct extinguisher. Because, when all are ready if at any time facing a fire disaster occurs will reduce the risk. In addition to verbal education, they were also given the opportunity to use the Servvo fire extinguisher directly.

This program is an implementation of Servvo's responsibility not only as a manufacturer of Fire Extinguishers but also to contribute in educating the public on the importance of Safety and Security in the Community. This activity is also expected to continue in educating the community.

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