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C 900 CO2

C 900 CO2


SERVVO Carbon Dioxide fire extinguisher is the ideal solution for B and C fire classes. By using carbon dioxide (CO2) media, this fire extinguisher can put out the fire on electrical equipment without damaging and causing short circuit, and also can extinguish a fire are caused by flammable liquids.


Our fire extinguishers are produced following the Standar Nasional Indonesia (SNI) & NFPA International guidelines and the ISO 9001:2015 Quality Management System (QMS) standards.

    • Using a carbon dioxide (CO2) medium does not damage or short circuit on electrical equipment.
    • Equipped with a safety valve to overcome increased excessive pressure in the tube.
    • Has a seamless gas cylinder design and is coated in powder coating which can withstand higher pressures than welded tubes and is resistant to UV rays.
  • Agent Carbon Diocide (CO2) 
    Type Self Pressure


    9 kg
    Fire Class  B , C
    Cylinder Steel
    Discharge Range (m) 2 s/d 3
    Minimum Discharge Time (sec) 30
    Total Height (mm) 1200
    Total Width (mm) 460
    Cylinder Diameter (mm) 152
    Operating Temperature Range  -20 s/d 60
    Working Pressure  ±70 bar
    Approx. Weight (kg) 30
    Fire Rating* 8B