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P 100 SA (Ve-Ex)

P 100 SA (Ve-Ex)


Designed specifically to become the optimal protection solution for road vehicles such as cars, sedans, MPVs, SUVs, pickup, buses, trucks, etc. Equipped with a bracket, the fire extinguisher can be secured in place for convenient storage. SERVVO Ve-Ex products are the most suitable choice for automotive industries application, for both the domestic and the international market.

    • A multipurpose fire extinguisher that is suitable for multiple fire class applications, such as solids, liquids, and electronic equipment.
    • Uses Monoammonium Phosphate 90% as the agent, which is very potent for extinguishing fires.
    • Has a small form factor for convenient storage within the vehicle.
    • Equipped with a bracket.
  • Media Dry Chemical Powder PC ABC 90% 
    Type Stored Pressure N2 (Nitrogen)


    1 kg
    Fire Class A , B , C
    Cylinder Tanpa Las
    Discharge Range (m) 2 s/d 5
    Minimum Discharge Time (sec) 8
    Total Height (mm) 299
    Total Width (mm) 117
    Cylinder Diameter (mm) 90
    Operating Temperature Range -20 s/d 60
    Working Pressure 15 bar
    Approx. Weight (kg) 2
    Fire Rating* 2A.10B
    Fire Rating** 5A.55B
    Labeling Screen Printing
    Finishing Color : Red, UV Resistance Powde