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Company :

1. What is SERVVO?

SERVVO is a brand of Light Fire Extinguisher (APAR) and the best Fire Alarm System in Indonesia produced by PT. SERVVO FIRE INDONESIA. 


PT. SERVVO FIRE INDONESIA is the winner  SNI 2018 and 2019, which is the highest award from the government  National Quality Award (SNI AWARD).


SERVVO is trusted to protect fires and be the best safety tool with fast delivery, good service and has been certified by the Indonesian National Standard (SNI), 

2. Where is SERVVO located?

The location of the head office of PT SERVVO Fire Indonesia is at Roxy Commercial Center Blok D5/17 Jl. KH Hasyim Ashari, Cideng Gambir, Central Jakarta City, DKI Jakarta, 10150, Indonesia
Tel. (+62-21) 6330 330


The factory location of PT SERVVO Fire Indonesia is on Jl. South Lingkar No.8 Legok, Tangerang Banten 15820.

3. Can I Become a SERVVO Partner? How to?

Of course you can, we really open up opportunities for those who want to join as SERVVO partners. please contact us via email or more info about the terms and conditions.

Products :

1. What are SERVVO Products? and how much does it cost?

PT SERVVO FIRE INDONESIA also provides a complete variety of products in the field of FIRE FIGHTING EQUIPMENTS such as; Fire Extinguisher, Fire Alarm System, Fire Suppression System.  

To get the best price please contact our marketing at WhatsApp Business

2. Where can the product SERVVO  be found and how to order?

The product SERVVO can be found in several Servvo's distributor which has spread in Indonesia. Servvo products can also be found in Modern Markets such as Ace Hardware. For orders, please contact Customer Service on our WhatsApp Business.

3. How to Contact Customer Service?

To connect with our customer service, please contact WhatsApp business or  PT SERVVO Fire Indonesia.

4. Is There a SERVVO Product Warranty?

The warranty provided for all Servvo products is limited for 1 (one) year. 

5. What's the Difference Product SERVVO with Other Similar Products?

PT SERVVO Fire Indonesia has received the SNI Award in 2018 and 2019 in the category & Medium-sized Organization of Metal, Machinery, Transportation Equipment and Electronics, so that with the advantages we have, namely;

  1. SERVVO is the fire extinguisher with the highest fire rating in Indonesia.

  2. Media (Fire Extinguishing Materials): using Internationally accredited media, such as UL (Under Writer Laboratory – USA), US EPA – SNAP (United State – Environment Protection Agency – Significant New Alternative Policy)

  3. Equipped with Safety Valve, which is additional security on the valve

  4. Screen printing, not stickers. This is very useful for product identification and avoiding the risk of counterfeiting

  5. Seamless Cylinder (without welding), to strengthen the tube resistance to pressure,  and drastically reduce the risk of rust.

  6. Serial Number, each product is equipped with a serial number, to support traceability and facilitate product identification for data collection in IT integration systems

  7. Accredited to Indonesian National Standards, and Fire and Rescue Laboratory – DKI Jakarta Fire Management Agency.

  8. Supported by experts specialized in the field of Fire Fighting.

Services :

1. Can SERVVO provide facilities for refills, trade in/exchange and check the cylinders? How to?

Yes, SERVVO has refill facilities both at the factory, and via an on-site refill service fleet (SERVVO SITE SERVICE – SSS).

Trade in/Exchange: Can serve the trade-in of all APAR brands 

For more information about the above services, please contact WhatsApp Business us or email



1. How many classifications of fires are there?

There are several types of fires that are classified based on the substance causing the fire because each fire extinguisher has its own criteria that are made specifically for handling certain types of fires. It is of course important for you to know the classes of these fires because it will help you identify the risks that might occur. 


 A Class Fire Classification









Class A fires are fires caused by flammable solids such as wood, cloth, paper, or plastic.


B Class Fire Classification










Class B fires are fires caused by flammable liquids or gases such as gasoline, paint, thinner, LPG gas, and LNG gas.



C Class Fire Classification





Class C fires are fires caused by the use of electrical components (electricity) such as televisions, refrigerators, electrical installations, and so on.

3. What are the types of fire extinguisher media and their uses?

In Indonesia there are generally 4 types of media used in APAR, such as;


1. Dry Chemical Powder 

  • Dry Chemical Powder ABC,  is a Media (Fire Extinguisher) which is a dry chemical powder Mono Ammonium Phosphate which is very effective for extinguishing solid fires (class A), liquid and gas (class B) , and electricity (class C). Application examples: Offices, warehousing, factories, motor vehicles etc

  •  Dry Chemical Powder BC,  i.e. Media (Fire Extinguishing Agent) which is a very dry chemical powder Sodium Bicarbonate / Potassium Bicarbonate effective for extinguishing solid, liquid and gas (class B) and electric (class C) fires. Application example: fuel/oil stockpile

  • Dry Chemical Powder D, namely Media (Fire Extinguishing Materials) which is a special dry chemical powder for materials that can ignite from the elements of titanium, lithium magnesium, zirconium (made of metal). Application example: metal casting

2. CO2 (Carbondioxide)

  • Media with pure gas content.

  • Does not cause short circuit / short circuit.

  • Using seamless cylinder tube, stainless 

  • and equipped with a non-conductive anti-static funnel.

  • Excellent for extinguishing fires in generators, transformers and electrical panels.

  • However, this media is not recommended if used in a narrow room because it binds oxygen and will cause breathing problems.


3. Foam

  • FOAM, namely liquid foam (foam) Aqueous Forming Film Foam (AFFF) or Foam Alcohol Resistance (AR).

  • Media (Fire Extinguishing Materials) which are very reliable for extinguishing fires  Solid objects (class A fire) and liquids and gases (fire class B).

  • Foam media cannot be used on class C (electrical) fires because foam media is a conductor and can exacerbate short circuits.

  • Suitable for extinguishing in oil storage areas.


4. Clean Agent 

  • GAS CLEAN AGENT (SV36), i.e. Liquid gaseous Media with the chemical formula HEXAFLUOROPROPANE  1,1,1,3,3,3-Hexafluoropropane, known as HFC 236FA, is a substitute for hello officially, because it has been approved by the Environment Protection Agency – Significant New Alternative Policy  (EPA – SNAP).

  • very effective for extinguishing solid fires (class A), liquid and gas (class B), and electricity (class C), especially for IT rooms, servers, computers, laboratories etc.

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