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The Company realizes the importance of implementing Good Corporate Governance (GCG) as a tool to increase value, business development, increase competitiveness, and sustainable long-term business growth not only for Shareholders but also for all Stakeholders. others in the sense of business management that is not only pursuing profit but also management that is full of trust, transparency and accountability. 


The Company believes that the implementation of Good Corporate Governance (GCG) is the key to the company's success to grow and develop and provide long-term benefits, while winning business competition. Failure in implementing GCG can be one of the main causes of a company's failure to survive in business competition, which if it occurs massively can lead to a systemic economic crisis. For this reason, policies in the form of Corporate Governance Guidelines and procedures applicable in the company has always been the basis and guideline for management in directing and determining the company's strategy as well as the development and implementation of all management decisions in every operational activity of the company.


The trust of stakeholders such as employees, business partners, suppliers, customers, communities, and other stakeholders is a very decisive factor for the development and continuity of the Company's business. The loss of stakeholder trust can cause the Company to lose business opportunities, which in turn can threaten the Company's business continuity. The Company's credibility and trust are closely related to the Company's behavior in interacting with stakeholders. The management of the Company in addition to following the applicable laws and regulations must also uphold ethical norms and values. Awareness to practice good ethics will enhance and strengthen the positive image of the Company.


On the basis of this thought, the Company prepares the Company's Ethics Policy, hereinafter referred to as the Code of Conduct or COC. COC is a set of commitments consisting of the Company's business ethics and the work ethics of the Company's Employees which are structured to establish, regulate and carry out appropriate behavior. all employees of the Company so that consistent output is achieved in accordance with the Company's culture in achieving its vision and mission. 


In preparing this COC, the Company always pays attention to the applicable laws and regulations, the vision, mission, goals and values adopted by the Company, best practices both internally and externally to the Company and the Code of Corporate Governance (COCG). ). 


As a dynamic policy, this COC will be reviewed regularly and continuously in accordance with the dynamics of the business environment that occurs. However, in each of its changes, the Company will not sacrifice existing values for the sake of short-term gain.


In compiling the Company's COC, it is based on the following attitude:  


  1. Prioritizing compliance with applicable laws and regulations and heeding the norms that apply to the communities in which the Company operates

  2. Avoid actions, behaviors or actions that can cause conflicts of interest, corruption, collusion or nepotism and always prioritize the interests of the Company above personal, family, group or class interests.

  3. Aware that the Company is required to grow and develop in accordance with the market dynamics and developments as well as the demands of the stakeholders.

  4. Prioritizing safety and health for employees and the communities in which the Company operates.

  5. Contribute to the improvement of the welfare of the community, nation and state.

  6. Applying the principles of transparency, accountability, responsibility, independence, and fairness in managing the Company.


Being a company that is able to meet the market's needs for quality fire extinguishers and fast delivery, so as to improve public safety (Tagline: "Serve to Save")



  • The organization is committed to referring to the standards {EN, ISO, SNl, SMK3, etc...)

  • Committed to fulfilling supporting facilities so as to accelerate the delivery of fire extinguishers to customers.

  • Consistently pay attention to Occupational Health, Safety and Environment (K3L) aspects.

  • Restructuring the sales system from a single distributor to a multi distributor system.

  • Providing quality fire extinguishers available in every district / city.

  • Changing stock points located in Jakarta spread widely to Regencies/Cities


In carrying out work activities, every element of the Company's personnel must uphold the following values:  

Customer Oriented (Fast and responsive)
Empathy (Careful in meeting customer needs) 
Professional (competent, disciplined and qualified) 
Aman (Safe in activity, in the environment and in the product)
Tresponsibility (Responsibility to self, family and company). 

Customer Oriented
Fire extinguisher products are important products but not everyone understands how to use them so the company is customer oriented for all customer needs such as technical use, quality and service.


The company responds to interactions with customers with passion, empathy and passion. 


The company professionally handles customer needs competently, disciplined and continuously improves the ability of employees, to deal with the development of community needs for fire extinguishers.


Safe in product, occupational safety and health consistently. 


Regarding the safety of users, the public and property, quality fire extinguishers are needed, the Company has a responsibility to fulfill this.






  1. The purpose of implementing the Code of Conduct for the Company is as follows: 

    • Every employee of the Company understands that all of the Company's activities are based on the principles of good corporate governance. 

    • Encouraging all Company personnel to behave well in carrying out all Company activities.

    • Creating a healthy and comfortable work atmosphere in the Company Environment.

    • Minimizing the opportunity for irregularities to occur or as part of risk management and can build the Company's reputation.

  2. The purpose of implementing the Code of Conduct for the Company is as follows: 

    • As a shared commitment to realize the vision and carry out the Company's mission in a professional and ethical manner. 

    • As a behavioral guide for all Company personnel that must be obeyed in carrying out all Company activities.

    • As a guide to avoid conflicts of interest in carrying out all Company activities.

    • Create harmonious relationships with Stakeholders.

  3. The Company strives to implement this Code of Conduct consistently and consistently so that it can provide long-term benefits, for:

    • Company

      • Encouraging the Company's operational activities to be more efficient and effective considering that relationships with Customers, Community, Government and other Stakeholders have ethical standards that must be observed.

      • Increase the value of the Company by providing certainty and protection to the Stakeholders in dealing with the Company so as to produce a good reputation, which in turn realizes business success in the long term.

    • Shareholders 

      • Adding confidence that the Company is managed in a trustworthy, prudent, efficient, transparent, accountable and fair manner to achieve the level of profitability expected by the Shareholders while still taking into account the interests of the Company.

    • Company People

      • Provide guidelines on the behavior of the Company's personnel that are desired or prohibited by the Company.

      • Creating a work environment that upholds the values of honesty, ethics and openness, so that it will improve the overall performance and productivity of every employee of the Company.

    • Community and Related Parties 

      • Creating a harmonious and mutually beneficial relationship with the Company, which in turn will create socio-economic welfare for the community and other related parties.

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