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F 5000 AF3

F 5000 AF3


SERVVO Foam AFFF 6% fire extinguisher is the ideal solution for A and B fire

classes.  By using Aqueous Film Forming media Foam (AFFF) 6%, this fire extinguisher is designed to extinguish flames caused by flammable liquids, especially hydrocarbon fuels such as crude oil, gasoline, diesel fuel, and aviation fuel/avtur.


Our fire extinguishers are produced following the Indonesian National Standard (SNI) & NFPA International guidelines and the ISO 9001:2015 Quality Management System (QMS) standards.

    • Putting out flames caused by liquids which is flammable using foam extreme layer that covers the entire area puddles of oil and liquid to prevent fire back on.
    • Equipped with a serial number, safety valve, and coated with powder coating.
  • Agent 6% AFFF Foam
    Type Stored Pressure N2 (Nitrogen)


    50 Liter
    Fire Class  A , B
    Cylinder With Welding
    Discharge Range (m) 6 to 9
    Minimum Discharge Time (sec) 55
    Total Height (mm) 1100
    Total Width (mm) 576
    Cylinder Diameter (mm) 370
    Operating Temperature Range  1 to 65
    Working Pressure  15 bars
    Approx. Weight (kg) 100
    Fire Rating* 12A.125B
    Fire Rating** IIB
    Labels Stickers
    Finishing Color : Red, UV Resistance Powder Coating


    Fire Rating* = Fire Rating of the results of the UPT Fire and Rescue Laboratory - Jakarta Fire and Rescue Agency.

    Fire Rating** =Fire Rating is equivalent to EN3 standard (European Norm 3)

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